Deploying an Amazon Lightsail Virtual Private Server on a Canadian Datacenter

In the past, I found that AWS was not easy or cost effective for deploying a simple cloud based solutions for popular applications such as WordPress… that is until now. Enter Amazon Lightsail, which abstracts away some of the AWS overhead, along with fixed pricing to rival most VPS providers. But to succeed, some technical chops, and investment in understanding the AWS ecosystem is still very much required.

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Going Serverless: Firebase vs AppSync

The benefits of going “Serverless” with your next web or mobile app are becoming too great to ignore. Especially if you’re a solo developer, small team, or startup. As a Full-Stack Developer, I enjoy configuring and maintaining the whole stack. But the back-end overhead is often costly in time and resources, sometimes you just want to launch something as quickly as possible! That’s where using Google’s Firebase or Amazon’s AppSync for your next project can help, so here’s a quick overview of both.

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