Cognitive biases

There are many types of cognitive biases that affect our judgment. If left unchecked, you can waste your time building something nobody wants. Even if you are giving it away for free! The following two cognitive biases are the most important for me. They serve as reminder to validate my ideas before spending any time coding anything.

Confirmation bias

Does your idea sound really perfect? If you can’t find anything wrong with your idea, then tread carefully, no ideas are perfect. You may be blinded by confirmation bias. It causes us to only seek information to support our existing beliefs, making it difficult to objectively evaluate your idea.

Curse of knowledge

Do you have deep knowledge in a specific technical subject matter? Then look out for the curse of knowledge. Your colleagues and clients may not have the same technical depth as you. Your words could end up sounding like technobabble, just like the the Turboencabulator sales video below.

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